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Ailis Aylward


Ailis retired a few years ago was delighted to discover ShareRing Skills Group active in Celbridge.   She first began to attend the drop in sessions in the library in 2014 and later participated in some short courses with tutors provided by KWETB.   


Her range of interests is wide which include: painting, photography and craft work of all kinds from lace making to basketry. Her hope for the ShareRing Skills group for the next twelve months is to see the group expanding to include new members and continue our collabrations with other voluntary groups in Celbridge.   

Ailis is the current Chairperson of the ShareRing Skills Group committee. 



Sam Cowden 

ShareRing Skills meet as a group on a Monday at the Celbridge library. I was by chance at the library while a meeting was in progress, I was invited into the group and found it the ideal place to share creativity in a safe and secure environment.


As an artist I was able to share what I had learned over the years and as a person able to learn from others in the group. We generally exhibit twice a year and this includes all forms of art and crafts such as painting, drawing, print, and photography 


As a group we work closely with our local County Councils on numerous projects such as nurturing and caring for environment Making of environmental movies engaging in biodiversity by building hives thus helping pollinators as well as running courses on personal development.


We intend to continue along this path and the future is looking bright, (in the words of a great sage.) If you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you are getting. By being flexible, resilient and nurturing with one another the sky is the limit for our group'   


Phil Fitzibbon
Having retired and finished commuting to Dublin for many years I was looking for a local organisation to join.

I was delighted to come across The ShareRing Skills Group through a mutual friend.

Their ethos fitted in perfectly with my principles.

I was very much looking forward to trying my hand at art never having learned it in school.

I am a strong believer in crafts, using old materials and upcycling.  ShareRing Skills is a good fit for me.


Paul Mullally

I have been a member of ShareRing Skills for a number of years now having received recommendations from a number of friends,  It has allowed me to do two things, firstly allow  me to be creative and secondly meet new people.  SRS gave me the confidence and encouragement to write my first Novella, A Life Less complicated back in 2018.  I also oversaw the creation of the groups website  and Youtube Channel in the last few months,   My hope for the groups future is now that we have taken our first steps into social media it will allow us to grow as a group and reach out to other similar groups in sharing ideas and sharing skills.   


Aine Rigney


I am retired and was looking for an arts and crafts class within the Celbridge area, I heard about ShareRing Skills through word of mouth and decided to give it a go. 


And it’s good that it is on-going, all inclusive and also affordable. 


I like all types of arts and crafts, drawing, acrylic painting of flowers and landscapes. Knitting and crochet – it is very relaxing, weaving of willow is also very effective.


I would hope to have different pieces of arts and crafts to show for our next exhibition.


Aine is the current Secretary of the ShareRing Skills Gtoup commitee.